Union and Environment

The United Republic of Tanzania is a union of two formerly sovereign States, namely the Republic of Tanganyika and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar. The two concluded a treaty of Union on 22nd April, 1964 consequent to which they become one Sovereign Republic from 26th April, 1964. The Union consists of two governments, one exercising powers over all union matters while exercising at the same time powers over non-union matters in and for Tanzania mainland. An autonomous government known as The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar exercises powers over non-union matter...

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Environment is essential for our development strategy for the reason of striking a balance between economic and social gains in fulfulling our needs without compromising those of the future generations.

The Government considers environmental management as a priority agenda as reflected in its various initiatives including National Environmental Policy (1997), Environmental Management Act (2004) and its Regulations, programmes and projects.

Public education and awareness are necessary for effe...

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Makamu wa Rais afanya mazungumzo na Rais wa Burundi
Waziri Jafo afungua Kikao cha Baraza la Wafanyakazi
Makamu wa Rais Dkt. Philip Mpango akihutubia Mkutano wa nchi Zisizofungamana na Upande Wowote Baku, Azerbaijan
Waziri Jafo akagua ujenzi wa jengo la Ofisi ya Makamu wa Rais