Ofisi Binafsi

The Private Office of the Vice President is led by a Private Secretary to the Vice President

Mr. Edwin Makamba


To provide quality advisory services to the Vice President for effective decision making.

The Private Office will perform the following activities:-

  • To analyse and advice the Vice President on social, legal, environment, political and economic affairs;
  • To Prepare and provide the Vice President with plan of activities;
  • To inform and make follow up on implementation of the Vice President’s decisions, directives and instructions to respective MDAs and LGAs;
  • To analyse and advise the Vice President on the MDAs and LGAs performance reports on the implementation of directives from the Vice President;
  • To prepare speeches and correspondences for the Vice President;
  • To plan, organize and coordinate interviews/discussions for the Vice President;
  • To provide appropriate accommodation services and supply the Vice President’s Household with all essentials.