2. Tender offers are invited from national companies and individuals within Tanzania for provision of consultancy services for the facilitation and the exchange of information between regional consultants, executing agencies and national project steering committee in the application of the draft Decision Making Tools (DST) Packages templates with national data for African ChemObs Project in Tanzania,
3. Activities to be implemented by the consultancy.

1.      Identify national institutions, entities, agencies directly or indirectly related to the management of chemicals through the life cycle (guided by the sheet developed by the international consultants).

2.       Link data sources to Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA) reporting requirements (BRS and Minamata Convention).

3.      The consultant should identify the vulnerable groups and establish their needs that are particularly exposed to chemicals and examine data gaps including disaggregation gender and vulnerability assessment

4.      Identify knowledge information that is relevant to chemicals management.

5.      Identify and develop reporting requirements of all the relevant stakeholders.

6.      Identify opportunities of streamlining and identifying efficiencies in existing data collection activities at national level.

7.      Complete the DMT Data Survey Table (DST) provided by the International Consultant.

8.      Draft the National Data Survey Report based on analyzing the completed DST and the information gathered. The report will include gender, vulnerability, linkages with MEA reporting etc.

9.      Submit the draft report to the national coordinators and national project steering committee for approval and validation.

4 Time Frame and Reporting

The consultancy is expected to be completed over a period of four (4) months between July 2019 and December 2019 and the consultant shall report to the National Project Coordinators.

5 Qualification and Experience

The following are the key attributes required for the consultancy. The criteria should apply to the project leader or individual responsible for the project implementation.

1.      Educational requirements: Master’s degree in Environmental Management, Natural Science, Chemistry, Public Policy, Public Health, Economics, Communication or related field etc. or  Bachelor’s degree with 5 years of working experience

2.      Have a significant professional experience with national policy formulation processes (10 years of working experience)

3.      Have past consulting experience in related topic would be an advantage

4.      Have knowledge of national, regional and international legislations on the sound management of chemicals

5.       Familiarity with the Multilateral MEA

6 Submission of Applications

To be considered, your submission shall have a cover letter indicating suitability for the job, supported by a comprehensive curriculum vitae, certified copies of qualification, proposed approach and implementation schedule and a financial breakdown of costs.  Submissions must be received not later than the 09th of September, 2019 and should be sent to: Mr Thabo Moraba using