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The Vice President’s Office was established under Article 47 of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, which read together with Act. No. 34 of 1994. The main purpose of its establishment is to assist the President on all matters pertaining to United Republic of Tanzania and in particular to coordinate union affairs and environment management in the country.

Since independence, the emphasis of the Government is placed on people’s development as key input to the socio-economic development of the nation. To support this initiative, the Government in recent years has undertaken various structural and Institutional reforms aimed at improving service delivery and the general welfare of its citizens. Inline with these reforms The Vice President’s Office has a role to support the Government efforts through coordination Union matters, non union affairs and environment issues.

As far as matters of the Union are concerned as stipulated in the Constitution of United Republic of Tanzania, the VPO has continuously maintained the role of strengthening the linkages in both sides of the Union. The historic Zanzibar revolution and subsequent successful Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar not only became exemplary on the East African but on the African continent at large.

There have been tremendous developments in areas of social, economic as well as political as people are now free to speak about the Union than before. However, most important, is the prevailing peace and tranquility among the people on both sides. On the other hand, inadequate knowledge about Union issues and existence of different sectoral policies, statutes, guidelines and regulations between the two governments poses a challenge in implementing Union issues.

H.E Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein